Teaching Introduction to Econometrics (SFSU Spring 2014)

School: San Francisco State University
Term: Spring 2014
Course: ECON 312 - Introduction to Econometrics
Instructor: Elan Segarra
Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday 2:10pm-4:00pm, HSS 147


Course Description: This class is meant to extend your data analysis and statistics toolbox to encompass such topics as simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, regression inference, nonlinear models, heteroskedasticity, and time series analysis. The tools and software demonstrated can be applied toward future academic research or occupations that involve data analysis. Since this is the first class in the econometrics sequence it will also focus on the underlying mathematics of the concepts studied. Although some of what we will cover is automated by statistical software, it is very important to establish a firm theoretical foundation so that students are aware of which tools to use in which situations, and the tacit assumptions that are made when using them.

Teaching evaluations available upon request.